Our Story

Feller & CO

The Past

Feller Cattle Co History flyer

Cattle feeding in the Feller family started at the turn of the twentieth century. John Feller, a cattleman and farmer, fed cattle and hogs with the feed he raised on his farm in Northeast Nebraska. His son, William 'Bill' Feller, entered the Fellers into a new age of cattle feeding as a partner with Louis Dinklage of Wisner, NE, one of America's largest cattle feeders at the time. The Dinklage/Feller partnership spanned 50 years, starting with scoop shovels and manpower and transforming to feed wagons and tractors. Bill's two sons, Doug Feller and Robert 'Bob' Feller carried on the cattle feeding operation. Doug started his own feeding operation in Wisner in 1955, where he fed for local cattlemen for 30 years. The Dinklage/ Feller partnership continued through Bob until Louis' death in 1984. Bob continued to operate his feedlot and farming well into the 2000s.

The Present

Tom Feller

Tom Feller, Doug's son, entered the feeding world with his start-up, FELLER & CO, in 1985, partnering with Bob and advisor Doug. Tom took his company from 1,000 head to 20,000 using other local feeding operations. FELLER & CO is now at 20,000 head capacity in Wisner, Nebraska. A grain elevator was purchased to store supplies of corn, as well as an integrated trading company to bring in by-product feeds. A commodity trading brokerage firm was a new addition to handle in-house accounts. A cattle trucking company was also added to pick up and deliver by-product feed supplies.

The present at Feller and CO
"My office window view today….. so awesome the NE Sandhills." - Tom on Twitter

The Future

The present at Feller and CO
Drew, Tom and Jordan

Currently, Tom's sons Jordan and Drew are the fifth generation of FELLER & CO cattle feeders. Jordan serves as the manager and cattle procurement for FELLER & CO and has entrenched long-term partnerships that have endured decades. FELLER & CO ranching/backgrounding, Drew has established valuable connections throughout the country in the breeding world through his years with the American Angus Association and Tri-Sate Livestock. He has now expanded FELLER & CO's footprint into the cow-calf and registered bull arena on a ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska.